Stansen Specifications is a woman-owned sole proprietorship.  So that I provide the best possible consulting service,   I make it a point to maintain a flexible workload so that I am able to respond quickly to the changing needs of the architects I work for. 

I have spent more than 22 years administering my own specifications in the field learning the value of a well written and understandable Division 1.  Many architects consider Division 1 sections to simply be ‘boiler plate’ .   But they are indispensable when a project manager has to administer a job.  They should be used as the core basis for running a project efficiently and within budget.

·          Certified construction       specifier.

·          Licensed architect.

·          Efficient, organized approach to specifications writing.

·          Over twenty-two years of    professional architectural          experience in phases ranging from design and production to project management, construction        observation, and specifying.

·          Continuing education through and ongoing contact with CSI and SCIP ensures the most current,   up-to-date specifying.

·          An integral member of the   design team for each project.


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