Selected List of Clients

          APS Architects, San Luis Obispo, CA

          Architectural Resources Group, San Francisco, CA

          Baum|Thornley Architects, San Francisco, CA

          BlakeDrucker Architects, Oakland, CA

          Bottom Duvivier Design & Architecture, Redwood City, CA

          Chong|Partners Architects, San Francisco, CA

          DES Architects + Engineers, Redwood City, CA

          Dill Design Group, Los Gatos, CA

          Ellerbe Beckett, San Francisco, CA

          Eric Miller Architects, Pacific Grove, CA

          Greenfield Architects, Denver, CO

          Hawley Peterson & Snyder Architects, Mt. View, CA

          International Parking Design, Oakland, CA

          Kotas-Pantaleoni Architects, San Francisco, CA

          Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects, San Francisco, CA

          Paradigm Structural Engineers, San Francisco, CA

          Patri.Merker.Architects, San Francisco, CA

          Powell & Partners Architects, Oakland, CA

          RYS Architects, San Francisco, CA

          Vitae Architecture, Planning, Interiors, Foster City, CA

          V Schutte Design, Palo Alto, CA


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