Prescriptive or performance based specs written in Microsoft Word with emphasis on concise presentation, accurate coordination with drawings, clear documentation, and general plan review.

Outline Specifications

Condensed specifications for design development.

Coordination of Terminology

Creating cohesive terminology between drawings and specifications for clearer meaning and interpretations once the project is in the field.

Product Research

Analysis and comparison of building products to assist the design team in selection of the best materials and products for the project.


I believe that streamlining your specifications, distilling them down to the simplest possible form makes the information much easier to find and extract for both the architect managing the project and the contractor building it.
I also urge my clients to employ the technique of terminology coordination.  When drawings and specifications use the same terms, all the construction documents work together as a united whole.  Terminology coordination adds another level of review to verify the completeness of the project before it goes to print.